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11 Restaurants in Barcelona. Private rooms

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Address: Plaça d' Antonio López, 6 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic. Born- La Ribera.
Price: From 20-30 Euros.
Food: Catalan. Mediterranean. Tapas.
Comments: El Cafè de la Casa de les Lletres is a charming little restaurant located a few metres from Barcelolna’s Port Vell. The stone walls welcome us in an elegant and romantic ...
puntuación Result: 9.02/10
Address: Carrer dels Banys Nous, 8 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: Less than 20 Euros.
Food: Mexican.
Comments: The best option to eat Mexican food at good prices and in a fun and homey atmosphere is definitely Panchito. Opened in mid-2013 in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter...
OFFER Wine Bottle
puntuación Result: 7.00/10
Address: Carrer d' Avinyó, 37 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: From 20-30 Euros.
Food: Mediterranean. Tapas.
Comments: Agüelo013 is a restaurant and cocktail bar in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, which retains the name of the tavern that occupied the same place, but with a totally renewed lo...
puntuación Result: 4.13/10
Address: Carrer de la Ciutat, 13 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: From 20-30 Euros.
Food: Japanese.
Comments: Intimate and minimalist, spacious and with high ceilings, Shinjuku is an excellent Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter. The experienced...
puntuación Result: 8.38/10
Address: Carrer de la Palla, 13 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: From 20-30 Euros.
Food: Embutidos. Iberian embutidos. Mediterranean. Tapas.
Comments: Specialized in Iberian ham and homemade Mediterranean tapas and dishes, Xaloc is an interesting restaurant placed in a narrow street in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Spread...
puntuación Result: 8.08/10
Address: Carrer d' Escudellers, 14 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: From 30-45 Euros.
Food: Catalan. Mediterranean. Traditional.
Comments: With over a century and a half of history, Los Caracoles is one of the most emblematic restaurants in the Gothic Quarter and Barcelona. The place still has the essence an...
puntuación Result: 8.44/10
Address: Carrer de les Heures, 4 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: From 20-30 Euros.
Food: Fusion cooking. Mediterranean.
Comments: Elegant, warm and intimate, My Way is a restaurant that boasts an impeccable decor and offers good fusion Mediterranean cuisine in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Spread out o...
Address: Plaça Reial, 13 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: From 20-30 Euros.
Food: Grill. Italian. Pizzeria.
Comments: The emblematic Plaza Real houses the Rossini restaurant, which has two different culinary proposals served in two totally different ambiences that share a wonderful terra...
puntuación Result: 8.87/10
Address: Carrer de Montsió, 7 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: From 20-30 Euros.
Food: Grill. Meat. Mediterranean.
Comments: Melic del Gòtic is placed over last vestiges of the old Monstió convent, in the old part of Barcelona. The restaurant, younger brother of the emblematic 4 Gats, is a bras...
puntuación Result: 8.00/10
Address: Carrer d'en Quintana, 5 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: From 20-30 Euros.
Food: Catalan. Season cuisine. Mediterranean.
Comments: With over two centuries of history, Can Culleretes is undoubtedly the oldest restaurant in Barcelona. Decorated with old photos and paintings, its spacious dining rooms w...
puntuación Result: 7.89/10
Address: Carrer de Lledó, 7 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: More 45 Euros.
Food: Catalan. Creative. Signature cuisine. Season cuisine. French.
Comments: Luxury, history and haute cuisine meet at Mercer Hotel Barcelona, a small gem in the heart of Barcelona where chef Xavier Lahuerta has taken over late Jean Luc Figueras a...