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83 Restaurants in Barcelona. Guía Michelin

List restaurants Barcelona: Guía Michelin
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Title: Guía Michelin España y Portugal 2010
Publisher: Michelin editeurs
Year: 2010
Type: Travel guide
Author: Various authors
puntuación Result: 7.72/5
Address: Carrer de Balmes, 47 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Esquerre.
Price: More 45 Euros.
Food: Catalan. Season cuisine. Mediterranean.
Comments: L'Olivé has already become a landmark in Barcelona. With wise modern and minimalist decor and large separate spaces, it offers traditional Catalan cuisine with an origina...
puntuación Result: 10.00/5
Address: Carrer del Consell de Cent, 256 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Esquerre.
Price: More 45 Euros.
Food: Rice dishes. Season cuisine. Galician. Seafood .
Comments: Casa Darío is a landmark restaurant, a reference for Galician cuisine in Barcelona. It has its own tank and receives fresh fish and seafood from Galicia by air on a daily...
puntuación Result: 8.70/5
Address: Carrer de Còrsega, 286 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Esquerre.
Price: More 45 Euros.
Food: Catalan. Season cuisine.
Comments: Located in a beautiful Catalan Modernist building for two decades, Windsor provides the most special setting to enjoy the updated Catalan haute cuisine by young chef Carl...
puntuación Result: 7.19/5
Address: Avinguda de l' Estatut de Catalunya, s/n (Barcelona)
Area: Horta-Guinardó.
Price: From 30-45 Euros.
Food: Catalan. Mediterranean. Traditional.
Comments: Placed in an old 11th-century century stately country house, Can Cortada boasts a rustic and elegant atmosphere and a stunning garden where having lunch or dinner is simp...
puntuación Result: 6.98/5
Address: Avinguda de Miramar, 31 (Barcelona)
Area: Poble Sec-Montjuïc.
Price: More 45 Euros.
Food: Mediterranean.
Comments: Located in an idyllic setting on the top of the Montjuïc hill, El Xalet is a spectacular restaurant that offers the best views over Barcelona from its dining rooms and wo...
puntuación Result: 7.64/5
Address: Carrer de Sant Honorat, 7 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: From 30-45 Euros.
Food: Catalan. Season cuisine.
Comments: Located in the old quarter of the city of Barcelona, in what used to be the studio of a painter that lived at the end of the 19th century, the nice and rustic El Pintor r...
puntuación Result: 7.03/5
Address: Passatge de la Concepció, 5 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Dret.
Price: More 45 Euros.
Food: International. Mediterranean.
Comments: After a complete remodeling done in 2011, Tragaluz is still the flagship of Grupo Tragaluz, that runs more than a dozen restaurants in Barcelona. The spectacular design o...
puntuación Result: 8.62/5
Address: Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada, 33 (Barcelona)
Area: Poblenou.
Price: From 30-45 Euros.
Food: Catalan. Season cuisine. Mediterranean.
Comments: Placed in an emblematic house in Barcelona’s Poblenou that dates back from 1894, Racó de la Vila is a nice restaurant that offers high quality seasonal cuisine with tradi...
puntuación Result: 7.83/5
Address: Carrer de Sicília, 255 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Dret.
Price: From 30-45 Euros.
Food: Mediterranean.
Comments: Near Sagrada Familia we find La Cúpula, the restaurant the decor of which shares the space with the classic Hispano Suiza cars. The restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisin...
puntuación Result: 8.67/5
Address: Carrer Major de Sarrià, 121 (Barcelona)
Area: St. Gervasi-Bonanova. Sarrià-Pedralbes.
Price: More 45 Euros.
Food: Creative. Signature cuisine.
Comments: An old house in Sarrià, spread out over two floors with garden, has been refurbished into a warm, elegant and intimate restaurant. In the kitchen, Isidre Soler is able to...
puntuación Result: 8.80/5
Address: Carrer del Cardenal Casañas, 17 (Barcelona)
Area: El Gòtic.
Price: From 30-45 Euros.
Food: Grill. Meat. Small plates/Half portions. Skewers. Tapas. Traditional. Basque.
Comments: Grupo Sagardi shows us its real essence with Irati, a Basque tavern located at the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter that brings us the genuine gastronomy from the Basq...
puntuación Result: 8.02/5
Address: Carrer de Bordeus, 35 (Barcelona)
Area: Les Corts.
Price: From 20-30 Euros.
Food: Rice dishes. Mediterranean. Paella.
Comments: Located in a quiet street in Les Corts, L’Arrosseria Xàtiva is a friendly, cosy and rustic restaurant that boasts about serving the best Valencian rice dishes in Barcelon...
puntuación Result: 6.86/5
Address: Carrer d' Iradier, 12 (Barcelona)
Area: St. Gervasi-Bonanova.
Price: From 30-45 Euros.
Food: Season cuisine. Mediterranean.
Comments: St. Rémy està situat en una bonica casa senyorial de la zona alta de Barcelona que presenta un disseny sorprenent. La cuina del restaurant és de línies creatives i propos...
puntuación Result: 7.43/5
Address: Carrer d' Enric Granados, 34 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Esquerre.
Price: More 45 Euros.
Food: Meat. Catalan. Season cuisine.
Comments: Alba Granados is the latest offer by the owners of the so established Alba París. With simple yet elegant décor, the spacious restaurant is divided into two floors and ha...
puntuación Result: 8.27/5
Address: Carrer de Beltrán i Rózpide, 1 (Barcelona)
Area: Sarrià-Pedralbes.
Price: More 45 Euros.
Food: Creative. Signature cuisine. Mediterranean.
Comments: Neichel, located at the heart of the residential area of Pedralbes, is objectively one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. Jean-Louis Neichel has been winning, since 19...
puntuación Result: 0.00/5
Address: Carrer de l' Almirall Aixada, 23 (Barcelona)
Area: La Barceloneta.
Price: From 30-45 Euros.
Food: Rice dishes. Catalan. Seafood . Shellfish. Paella.
Comments: Located in the Barceloneta beach and boasting a delicious terrace, Can Majó restaurantnt is a nice, quiet place. All the products served here are top quality and fresh fi...
puntuación Result: 7.69/5
Address: Moll de Gregal, 12 (Barcelona)
Area: Vila Olímpica.
Price: From 30-45 Euros.
Food: Rice dishes. Seafood . Mediterranean. Paella.
Comments: El Túnel del Port was founded in 1923 and moved to the Port Olímpic in 1993. The restaurant boasts spacious terraces with stunning views over the beach and port and offer...
OFFER Glass of Cava
puntuación Result: 7.85/5
Address: Carrer de Morales, 15 (Barcelona)
Area: Les Corts.
Price: From 30-45 Euros.
Food: Season cuisine. Healthy.
Comments: La Tertúlia is a cosy, rustic restaurant that presents, at the heart of the district of Les Corts, healthy seasonal cuisine with Catalan roots. In summer we can enjoy lun...
puntuación Result: 7.92/5
Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 424 (Barcelona)
Area: Eixample Dret.
Price: More 45 Euros.
Food: Catalan. Creative. Signature cuisine.
Comments: In the kitchen of Manairó, Jordi Herrera uses his talent and art and offers distinguished creative Catalan-based cuisine, prepared with seasonal products and the lattest ...
puntuación Result: 8.22/5
Address: Carrer de Santaló, 101 (Barcelona)
Area: St. Gervasi-Santaló.
Price: From 30-45 Euros.
Food: Season cuisine.
Comments: Silvestre is a distinguished and nice restaurant with kind staff. It offers, with correct value for money, excellent seasonal Mediterranean cuisine with products that hav...

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