Jason Rowles and Hugo Lonsdale are the creators of The Tatami Room, a real Japanese izakaya. In the Japanese culture, an izakaya is traditional tapas bar-pubs and in recent years this concept has become so popular worldwide that there are actually izakayas in the most cosmopolitan cities.

After passing the bar at the entrance, a long corridor leads down a staircase into the lower floor, a really warm and cosy space with stone walls, nice décor and soft lighting that create an intimate and captivating atmosphere. This is a traditional Japanese dining room with low tables and comfy cushions on the floor on which we will have to sit after taking our shoes off.

The Tatami Room’s menu features top quality traditional tapas and dishes including salads, gyozas, rice dishes and other warm dishes, as well as sushi, makis and shashimi. On weekends there is a sake bar.

Near theater: Teatre Apolo, Teatre Condal, Teatre Victòria.
Cerca discoteca: Apolo.