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The 2010 summer season coincided with the arrival of El Filete Ruso, favoured by the resounding success of La Burg, whose owners -Adrián Milà and Claudio Hoyos- keep betting on the top quality burger as their offer’s main appeal.

The restaurant sticks, as much as possible, to the principles of the Slow Food philosophy: organic and biodynamic veal from Espunyola, ‘xisqueta’ lamb from Lleida’s Pyrenees, free-range chicken, thoroughbred mountain beef, along with organic and seasonal products, 70% of which are brought straight from the producer, placed in a ratio lower than 100km.

Obviously, at El Filete Ruso, we can enjoy the speciality the restaurant is named after, the old Spanish hamburger made with minced meat mixed with flour, garlic and parsley, battered in egg and breadcrumb and fried in olive oil. Besides, the menu –that features comments with info on every dish- presents 13 delicious burgers, side orders like oven-baked potatoes with apple ‘allioli’ and bacon or onion rings, a few salads and irresistible desserts made with organic flour.

Boasting a sober and elegant decor, with a rustic and modern touch, the restaurant –very similar to its elder brother- welcomes us with a bar area that leads to a cosy dining room. The small terrace on Enrique Granados is open all the year long.

Gastronomic offer, location, setting and prices will definitely be the keys to the success we predict the restaurant is going to achieve.

Cerca discoteca: Oak Barcelona.