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Located in Aribau street, next to Plaza Universitat, Canela is a cozy restaurant that serves market cuisine with creative touches based on Mediterranean tradition.

The restaurant's menu offers the rich variety characteristic of cultures next to the Mare Nostrum, which includes succulent aperitifs, fresh seafood, or grilled meats. All this with a good value.

Divided into two floors, Canela has a pleasant room at ground level, ideal for the quietest dinners. In the basement, there is a warm dining room with stone walls, ideal for groups, and a small reserved for 15 people.

Near theater: Sala Muntaner, Villarroel.
Cerca discoteca: Metro, Arena Classic, Antilla.
Cerca cine: Aribau Multicines, Aribau Club.
Appears on guides: Última Guía, Què Fem Buen Precio.